Alluxe wields power. To send you to emotional depths, standing onstage over her controller, unleashing hard-hitting beats, loops and grooves that cut through on impact. To send your head into a tailspin via her fine-tuned studio concoctions — a mélange of vocal swirls, avant-garde affects and manipulated melodies. There’s even a high chance she’s already affected without your knowledge: the supremely talented artist, producer, DJ, controllerist, violinist and live show designer has programmed and designed groundbreaking shows for some of the biggest names in music from Kanye West to Drake, The Weeknd to Bon Iver. “The lines are vey blurred,” the musician, born Laura Escude, says of a much-heralded award-winning career that connects the artistic and the professional, and thrives on her innate knack for technological innovation and ingenuity.  Read More...


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